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The DELANO KINDRED was founded in 1991 for the purpose of exploring the ancestry and genealogy of our common ancestor, Philippe de Lanoy. Philippe was born to Jan and Marie de Lanoy around 1602 in Leiden, Holland, and was baptized there on the 6th of November, 1603. In 1621, Philippe arrived in Plimoth (now Plymouth, Massachusetts) on the ship Fortune and some time later changed his name to Philip Delano. He is the progenitor of the Delano family in America.

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NL #89, March – April 2019

In this issue we include the information about the 2019 DELANO KINDRED Reunion in Hyde Park, NY on 10 through 12 September. We thank Cousin Carolyn Marcinkowski for her steadfast effort in making arrangements for this Reunion. We hope to see you there in attendance. Also included is news about our members, a review of an historical novel entitled “Before the Mayflower”, information about Laura Franklin Delano who was a favorite cousin of FDR, and the results of the 2018 Contribution Program.

Refer to the REUNIONS page or click here to see complete reunion planning information as presented in the newsletter.

Included with this newsletter is a 2019 Reunion Registration Form and a Charitable Program Contribution Form. Click here for the Reunion Registration Form or click here for the Charitable Contribution Form.

NL #88, November – December 2018

By the time you receive NL #88, it will be 2019 and we recognize that you will be receiving this one later than usual. One will recall that 416 years ago our common ancestor Philippe de Lanoy was born in Leiden in 1602 and was later baptized in the Vrouwekerk in Leiden on 6 November 1603. In this issue we include the developing news about the 2019 Reunion to be held in Hyde Park, New York, articles about the 2011 Vrouwekerk Plaque Ceremony in Leiden, a review of the book “Barons of Sea” that includes significant information about Warren Delano II, Membership Renewal Information, a Correction to the GHAAHD, and other articles of interest. We hope you enjoyed your Christmas and New Year holidays and extend our best wishes to you for 2019.

NL #87, August-September 2018

This issue of the Bonnes Nouvelles provides the information about results of the 2018 DELANO KINDRED Reunion and Annual Meeting in Fairhaven, Massachusetts. Also included is an updated and corrected article about Lt. Jonathan DELANO’s lands and wills. Also included is information about the planned venues for the 2019 and 2020 DELANO KINDRED Reunions.

2018 REUNION UPDATE #3 – Our Speakers!

We are delighted to announce that some of the most knowledgeable local historians will address the people, places and protocols of the early settlement here on the South Coast. They will be presenting some new material and significant insights into the uniqueness of the vast land settlement of “Old Dartmouth” which, as you know, comprised the land mass of Westport, Dartmouth, New Bedford, Fairhaven, Acushnet and parts of Tiverton and Little Compton. Our first three speakers are highly respected contributing members of the Dartmouth Historical and Arts Society (DHAS):

  • Sally M. Aldrich, Historian, will present an overview of the Dartmouth Propriety established in 1652 and the little-known history that unfolded over the following century that made this area unique among New England towns.
  • Robert E. Harding, Ph.D, president of DHAS, will discuss “Delanos” and a Few Surprises in the Old Dartmouth Town Meeting Records 1680-1786. Included will be a variety of excerpts from the records which give insight into the way of life of Old Dartmouth as well as special actions prior to and during the Revolutionary War.
  • Richard Gifford, Esq., will reveal some of the early homesteads, farms and land transactions of some of the very old family names: Delano, Church, Cooke, Spooner. His research of deeds may help to pinpoint the exact location of Lt. Jonathan Delano home which has remained a mystery.
  • George B. DeLano, Delano Kindred Newsletter Editor and Past President, will update us on his efforts to determine the acreage and relative location of Lt. Jonathan Delano’s parcels of land contained in his Will and mentioned in the Deed of Apportionment Surveys of 1714 to 1763.

We have themed the event, “Connections: Old and New” as it is our desire to link the old family names with the families of today and encourage a better understanding of the wonderful heritage we all share in the South Coast.

Toward that end, our Delano Kindred genealogist and Mayflower historian, Muriel Curtis Cushing, will be on hand to overview her works in progress. She is the author of the multi-volume “Mayflower Families in Progress” series published by the Mayflower Society titled Philip Delano of the “Fortune” 1621 and His Descendants for Four Generations. As part of the research for her books, Muriel compiled an impressive Family Tree Maker database which includes many South Coast families in addition to the Delano family. She is currently working with the Mayflower Society to complete her work as a Mayflower “Silver Book.” Mayflower Society Silver Books are based upon meticulously investigated primary records and accepted as the “gold standard” by genealogists everywhere.

2018 Reunion Meeting Registration

We are pleased to make this new on-line Registration Form available for our upcoming Annual Meeting and Reunion in Fairhaven, MA, June 13 and 14, 2018. The preliminary meeting agenda is as follows:

Wednesday, June 13, 2018, at the Millicent Library in Fairhaven:

  • Noon to 6:00 PM: Attendee Registration
  • 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM: Genealogy Q&A with Muriel Cushing
  • 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM: Speakers
    1. Sally Aldrich
    2. Bob Harding
    3. Richard Gifford
    4. George DeLano
  • 6:30 PM to 7:00 PM: Delano Kindred Board of Directors meeting

Thursday, June 14, 2018, at the Fairhaven Town Hall

  • 9:30 AM to 9:45 AM: Group picture on Town Hall Steps
  • 10:00 AM to 11:45 AM: Highlights walking tour with Chris Richard

Thursday, June 14, 2018, at the West Island Improvement Association Hall

  • 3:00 PM to 7:00 PM: Attendee Registration (continued)
  • 4:00 PM to 5:30 PM: DELANO KINDRED Annual Business Meeting
  • 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM: Socializing / cash bar / Group Picture
  • 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM: Buffet dinner
  • 8:45 PM to 9:30 PM: Delano Kindred Board of Directors meeting

USE THE FORM BELOW TO REGISTER for the 2018 Delano Kindred Reunion meeting in Fairhaven, MA, June 13 at the Millicent Library and June 14 at the West Island Improvement Assocation hall. The registration fee is $15/guest and includes admission to events on both days. The buffet dinner at West Island is optional at $25/guest. Attendees may also use this form to register as new members of the Delano Kindred without paying the "New Member" registration fee. Please note that meeting space at the Millicent Library is limited to 100 attendees by local fire codes, so get your registrations in early.

(The Registration Form has been deleted, as this meeting has already taken place.)


Annual Meeting documents are now available on the web site for reference. These documents include a letter from the Delano Kindred President, the tentative agenda for the Wednesday presentations, the tentative Annual Meeting agenda, the list of candidates for Board of Director positions, and the proposed 2018-2019 operating budget. You must be logged in to the web site to view the candidates for Board positions and the proposed Annual Budget. If you are a Delano Kindred member and you cannot view the members-only documents, please log in with your userid and password and try again.

Click here to view the complete documentation package for non-members.


We have started to send out flash emails to highlight our plans for the upcoming Delano Kindred Reunion meeting in Fairhaven, MA, June 13 and 14, 2018. If you are a member and didn't receive one, we might not have your correct email address. If that's the case, please go to the "CONTACT US" tab and send us a note so we can update our records. Here is the first flash email:

Plans are shaping up and this year’s reunion promises to be the best one yet! Stay tuned for the wonderful slate of speakers we have lined up which will be detailed in upcoming flash emails.

Because there is tremendous interest in Old Dartmouth (Fairhaven, Acushnet, New Bedford, Westport and present-day Dartmouth) and the family names that pioneered this area (Delano, Cooke, West, Nye, Spooner, Hathaway, Taber, etc.) we will be inviting the Cooke Society, south coast historical societies, and the Fairhaven local community as well.

However, we want to make sure that our membership is given first consideration. If you are planning on attending, please send in your registration ASAP. Our meeting room accommodates 100 people and after May 1st we will be encouraging other interested parties to attend. To quickly view or download the Reunion Registration Form, click here.

  • Speakers will be delivering their talks on Wednesday, June 13 at the Millicent Library.
  • A group picture will be taken in front of the Town Hall at 9:30 AM on Thursday, June 14.
  • Immediately after the picture, at 10:00 AM, Chris Richard, Fairhaven’s Tourism Director, will conduct a 90 minute walking tour. Although the tour is primarily about Henry Huttleston Rogers’ monumental gifts to the town, Chris will highlight HHR’s Delano ancestor, the Delano art gallery in the town hall, the gifts of Laura Delano Astor to the Millicent Library and much more. There will be sit-down breaks along the way, but comfortable shoes are always a good idea. This tour has been highly acclaimed. Huff Post called it one of the best immersive tours in New England and a recent article in the Boston Globe titled “Is it Europe, No, it’s Fairhaven” is pasted below (without the pictures, and included here with permission). To see the original article, click here.

Is it Europe? No, it’s Fairhaven.
By Ellen Albanese GLOBE CORRESPONDENT MARCH 06, 2018

FAIRHAVEN — The soaring granite Italian Renaissance library draws the eye upward, past ornate terra cotta wreaths and garlands to the deep red tiled roof edged with copper. Across the street, the brick and granite French Gothic town hall with its four-faced clock tower conceals an interior decorated with quartered oak paneling, solid brass fixtures, and stained glass windows. Is it Europe? No, it’s Fairhaven, as this town’s Office of Tourism proudly proclaims in its visitors’ guide.

Fairhaven’s stunning public buildings were a gift of Henry Huttleston Rogers (1840-1909), a local boy who made a fortune with Standard Oil. All but one of the buildings Rogers gave the town between 1885 and 1908 are still in use today, and visitors can see many of them on the Henry H. Rogers Walking Tour, offered Tuesday and Thursday mornings from the beginning of June to the end of September.

Chris Richard, the town’s tourism director and another Fairhaven native, likes to joke that “Rogers was building an early Epcot,” with the Italian Renaissance Millicent Library, the French Gothic town hall, the English Perpendicular Gothic Unitarian Memorial Church, and the Elizabethan-style high school, all designed by noted New England architect Charles Brigham. The tour, which Richard developed in 1998, includes visits inside the Town Hall and the Millicent Library, as well as a walk by the Unitarian Memorial Church, the George H. Taber Masonic Lodge, and Rogers’s boyhood home. Clad in typical late 19th- to early 20th-century menswear — white shirt, black vest, black bowler hat, and a walking stick — Richard spices up the 90-minute walk with historical perspective and anecdotes from the benefactor’s life.

In addition to the beautiful buildings, Rogers made other, less visible contributions to Fairhaven, Richard says. He put in a municipal water system and drained and filled a boggy pond in the center of town to create Cushman Park. His munificence extended well beyond town borders: Rogers helped finance Helen Keller’s college education and gave Booker T. Washington money to help found Tuskegee Institute. While the high school is not on the tour because it’s not in the downtown, Richard says, that building offers a few tours during the summer. And the Unitarian Memorial Church conducts tours on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons in July and August.

Richard’s recommendation for a perfect day in Fairhaven is to take the Rogers walking tour in the morning; have lunch at one of the town’s popular restaurants, such as Elisabeth’s or Margaret’s; catch an afternoon tour of the church; visit Revolutionary-era Fort Phoenix, from which you can walk along the Fairhaven-New Bedford hurricane barrier out into the harbor; and finish up at the parklike Riverside Cemetery, where visitors can pay their respects at Rogers’s Greek-inspired mausoleum, modeled after a temple of Minerva.

The Henry H. Rogers Walking Tour steps off from the Town Hall, 40 Center St., Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10 a.m., weather permitting, from early June through the end of September. Free. Tours can also be downloaded from fairhaventours.com.

Ellen Albanese can be reached at ellen.albanese@gmail.com.

NL #86, March-April 2018

This issue of the Bonnes Nouvelles provides the information about the 2018 DELANO KINDRED Reunion and Annual Meeting in Fairhaven Massachusetts. (For details, please click on the REUNIONS tab above.) Also included is an analysis about Lt. Jonathan DELANO’s lands and will. A transcript of his 1720 will is provided for comparison. Updated information about the DELANOs of Sconticut Neck is provided as well as other articles of interest.

To quickly view or download the Reunion Registration Form, click here .

Membership Address Change

Our membership chairperson, Jackie Delano, has recently moved to a new home in North Carolina. Some membership renewals are not getting properly forwarded to her and are being returned to the sender. Should his happen to you, please re-mail your application or renewal to her at her new address:

The Delano Kindred
c/o Jackie Delano
3304 Meridian Market Drive
Fuquay Varina, NC 27526-5754

Thank you for your understanding!


2018 ANNUAL MEETING and REUNION DATES: JUNE 13 & 14, 2018!

*** This post will be kept updated with new information as it becomes available ***
(Last updated on March 25, 2018)

The annual Delano Kindred Reunion Meeting will be held in Fairhaven, MA, on June 13 and 14, 2018. This year we are returning to our geographic roots and focusing on connecting the Delanos with the old families of the Fairhaven area, for example Henry H. Rogers, the West family for which West Island is named, Philippe's uncle John Cooke, and of course Warren Delano and his family.

Based on a number of comments and some past experience, we will be trying out some new ideas this year:

  • This is a mid-week meeting (Wednesday and Thursday) to take advantage of availability of facilities in the Fairhaven area and keep costs down for everyone.
  • Although we did block off a number of rooms at the Fairhaven Hampton Inn (reservation details are listed below), we will not be conducting our presentations and meetings at the hotel. Instead, we will be conducting our Wednesday activities at the beautiful Millicent Library in downtown Fairhaven and our Thursday activities at the West Island Improvement Association facilities on Fairhaven's spectacular West Island.
  • To view or download directions to the Millicent Library, click here .
    To view or download directions to the West Island meeting location, click here .

  • We will have only one planned dinner together, that being a buffet on Thursday at West Island in conjunction with our annual meeting and traditional "cocktail hour."
  • We are in the process of lining up speakers for both days to remind us about our connections to the old families of Fairhaven and point out places to visit in our free time while we are in the area.
  • We will not be organizing a formal "tour" for this meeting. Instead, we will provide a number of great suggestions for places with Delano connections to visit.

The Hampton Inn in Fairhaven has agreed to hold a block of rooms for us at $159.00 + tax for a standard room with 2 double beds or 1 king bed. These rooms will be held until May 13, 2018, so if you would like to stay there, you need to reserve your room before that date. Guests may reserve rooms by calling the hotel directly at 1-508-990-8500 and referring to the Delano Kindred Reunion Block, online at www.newbedfordfairhaven.hamptoninn.com, or by calling 1-800-HAMPTON and referring to Group/Convention code DKR.

To view or download the Reunion Registration Form (Parts 1 and 2), click here. Please complete both parts 1 and 2 of the forms with a check for the appropriate amount and send them to our Treasurer, Cousin David Grinnell, whose address is on the form, by 13 May 2018.

This will be a very interesting and memorable event. We hope to see you there and enjoy your company!

We will post a Reunion Flyer for the meeting as soon as a few more details are firmed up. If you're considering staying at the Hampton Inn or the Delano Homestead, feel free to make your reservations there now while rooms are more available. In the mean time, please SAVE THESE DATES and plan on joining us in June!