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This site has a SEARCH box located in the upper right corner of the screen. Results displayed from a search request will include excerpts from all hits on the site, whether restricted to members or not. This is intentional, so that anyone can get an idea of what information is available on the site. You may see
"...Continue reading --->"
displayed at the end of longer excerpts. If this item was found on the "Members Only" portion of the site, that link may not work; access to the remainder of that excerpt will be blocked unless you are a logged-in member.

Here is a quick guide to the resources available on this site:

  • The HOME tab above will bring you back to the home page, where you will see the latest DELANO KINDRED news postings and a sidebar menu to access information about us and our mission, about the history of the Delano name, about Philippe Delano, his ancestry and the "GHAAHD" (a book on Delano ancestry written in 1899), and a list of some famous Delano relations.
  • The MEMBERSHIP tab above will guide you to information about DELANO KINDRED membership, including the benefits of membership, how to become a member, our membership categories and dues.
  • Under the PROJECTS tab, you'll find information about our current projects and a number of the DELANO KINDRED's past accomplishments.
  • Under the REUNIONS tab, you'll find information about the next DELANO KINDRED reunion, including instructions for attending. You do not have to be a member to attend a DELANO KINDRED reunion!
  • The BOOKSTORE tab will lead you our Bookstore and a listing of the items that we offer for sale.
  • The CONTACT US tab opens up a form for you to email us with your questions and it includes a provision for you to send us a genealogical query regarding your own possible relationship to Philippe Delano.
  • Resources available to members only include archives of our newsletter, Bonnes Nouvelles, our documents library, and, of course, our BLOGs.