Newsletter #114, May 2024

This issue of Bonnes Nouvelles reminds us of the new Delano Kindred Facebook page, and then presents an excellect review of the history of the Delano Kindred, starting with the David Kumpf's Delano Family Reunion in Buffalo, NY, in 1988. This led to the founding of the Delano Kindred in 1991. A more detailed account picks up in 2002 and details some of the Kindred's accomplishments over the years.

We want to remind members of the Delano Kindred/Soule Kindred Joint Annual Meeting/Reunion in September. The Reunion Brochure is included in this issue in case you missed it in previous issues. We hope to see many of you in just a few months in Maggie Valley, NC!

Included is a call for Nominations for the Board of Directors. Every other year, the Delano Kindred membership votes for 7 directors at the Annual Meeting. The directors, along with the elected officers, make up the Delano Kindred Board. The directors serve for 2 years. They may be re-elected as there are no term limits.

A current list of the Delano Kindred Officers, Directors, and Committee members is also included.

We continue to look for interesting newsletter articles from members. Please let us know if you have a topic of interest you wish to write about. Please also let us know if you know of any Delano Kindred members, or immediate family members, who have recently passed away and we will gladly include their names and relevant information in future newsletters.

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