NL #59, November-December, 2008

In this issue we include the second section of our review of an article by Cousin George English that appeared in the Mayflower Descendant titled "Ancestry and History of Philip Delano, Born Philippe de Lannoy". The final review article will appear in the next issue of the Bonnes Nouvelles #60. We have included the article about the dedication of a monument to FDR and the TVA, which, unfortunately, was removed from the previous issue due to space problems discovered at the last minute. In this issue we include details about the 2009 DELANO KINDRED Reunion in Williamsburg, the 2008 Annual Questionnaire, and news about our members and various DELANO happenings. This is the last newsletter of 2008. If you have not yet renewed your DELANO KINDRED membership for 2009 this will be the last newsletter you will receive. Please take the time to fill out the 2009 membership renewal form that was previously sent to you and mail it to our Michigan membership address shown on the renewal form. As always, you can verify the year our records show your dues are paid through by looking at your mailing label on this newsletter. We send our best wishes to all our members for a Happy New Year. To view this newsletter in its entirety, click here.