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SARA DELANO ROOSEVELT NEWS CLIPS - Length 6:08, unrestricted, external.

This is a short collection of news clips featuring Sara Delano Roosevelt, FDR's mother (courtesy of the FDR Presidential Library).

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DELANO AND COOKE ANCESTORS - Length: 1:04, unrestricted, external.

The European Ancestry and History of Francis Cooke and Philip Delano/Philippe de Lannoy is, possibly, the most unique among the first Pilgrims on the Mayflower and Fortune to New England. The de Lannoys and Mahieus came from French-speaking Flanders. Their extraordinary and fascinating story was very different to that of the English Pilgrims. Persecuted by their Spanish Catholic rulers for their religious beliefs, they fled to Canterbury in England. Later, they went to Leiden, Holland, nearly 20 years before the English Separatists arrived.

Join our host, fellow descendant and Delano Kindred Board member Col. William English, CBE, as genealogist, historian and de Lannoy/Mahieu descendant George English presents the fascinating, evidence-based family history in his book The Delano and Cooke Ancestors, with the family members, historical and social information, pictures and maps to bring them to life. The Delano and Cooke Ancestors is available for purchase on the Delano Kindred website. There was a brief discussion and Q&A about the Delano Kindred European History Tour which starts on September 19, 2023 in Amsterdam, continues for 10 days, and concludes in London.

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DISCOVERING FRANCIS ROACH DELANO - Length: 1:30, unrestricted, external.

This is a presentation made by Delano Kindred President Tom Delano in Delano, Minnesota, on November 3, 2021. It was delivered as part of the town's Historical Society and the Delano Arts Council. The topic is Francis Roach Delano, or "FR" as he was called, for whom the town was named. "FR" was Tom's great, great grandfather. There is a lengthy introduction to Tom's presentation, which starts at 4 minutes into the video.

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400 YEARS AGO: A LOOK BACK AT WINTER 1621 - Length: 1:03, unrestricted, external.

This is a presentation given by Richard Pickering, chief historian at Plimoth Patuxet and it runs about an hour with questions. It deals with the first thanksgiving but more importantly, the history of the Fortune. Richard talks about the trouble the Fortune had crossing the Atlantic and even greater trouble getting back to England.

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TOUR OF THE MYLES STANDISH BURYING GROUND - Length: 0:07, unrestricted, internal.

Generously provided to us by the Duxbury Rural and Historical Society (DRHS), this is an excerpt from a narrated tour by DRHS's Archivist and Historian, Carolyn Ravenscroft. It features the story of Dr. Thomas and Rebecca (Alden) Delano and their son Benoni and honors the completed restoration and preservation of Benoni Delano's grave marker, a project funded by the Delano Kindred in 2021.

To hear the story of Dr. Thomas, Rebecca and Benoni, click here.


BEFORE THE MAYFLOWER - Length: 0:50, restricted, internal.

Presented by author Jennifer Sinsigalli. Her book of the same name is a work of historical fiction which demanded significant research to ensure accuracy and interest. Writing under the name of J.L. Rose, she was undisputably successful in that endeavor. Her presentation gives us the full benefit of her research and experience as she describes what life was like in Leiden around the time the Mayflower sailed for America.



Presented by Duxbury Rural and Historical Society Historian Carolyn Ravenscroft. Amasa and his brother, Samuel, had quite interesting careers. Captain Amasa Delano, a famous Duxbury sea captain, wrote of his voyages and caught the eye of author Herman Melville who turned one of Amasa's voyages into his novella "Benito Cereno". His brother Samuel was recording the ship's log when the brig Grace visited Japan, then a closed country, in 1791. Carolyn gives us the whole story in her presentation.


AFTER THE MAYFLOWER - Length: 0:57, restricted, internal.

Presented by W. Becket Soule. Much has been written about the Mayflower, but far less has been published about the ships that followed her: the Fortune, the Little James, and the Anne. Becket introduces us to the ships that followed Mayflower and the stories surrounding them.


The 2021 DELANO KINDRED ANNUAL MEETING - Length: 1:33, restricted, internal.

Held at Plimoth Patuxet Museum's Accomack Room on September 18, 2021, this is the full recording of the Annual Meeting.


FDR's ANCESTORS: The INTREPID de LANNOYS AND MAHIEUS FROM FLANDERS - Length 0:58, unrestricted, external.

Presented by George English on October 27, 2021, as part of the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Library At Home with the Roosevelts Conversations series. George discusses our Delano ancestors, the de Lannoys and the Mahieus, with FDR Library's Education Specialist Jeffrey Urbin.

The story of the English Pilgrims on the Mayflower is well known. Much less so is the fascinating story of survival in 4 different countries within 50 years of the Reformation of FDR's ancestors -- the de Lannoys, and Mahieus. They suffered from Spanish persecution in Flanders, then fled to England while the Separatist movement gathered pace. Then to Leiden, where they had lived for 18 years before John Robinson and the English Separatists arrived. Their descendants, Philip Delano and John Cooke, would leave on the Fortune and Mayflower to build new lives for themselves in New England.

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